Don’t Make Your Campaigns Just About Sales

The shortest marketing blog piece in history, but a simple one to convey something that’s really key. If you undertake a marketing activity in an effort to sell more units of ‘product x’ over a given period, or increase your market penetration in a sector or geography, shouldn’t you also throw some non-sales centric objectives in to the mix?

Let’s look at an example. If you’re pushing out a marketing campaign to increase those sales of ‘product x’, also look to include secondary or tertiary objectives such as content engagement – ‘xx’ number of newsletter sign ups from each activity, or ‘xx%’ of referral links to related product pages on your website (just two very simple and immediate examples that came to mind).

Forget the external benefit here for just a moment – the internal benefit is that different objectives within your campaigns touch different teams, and that promotes the ‘group win’ rather than just the ‘salesperson win’ from a lead. This can be a superpower for all the teams involved in your marketing and sales efforts, and creates an environment where more people get something out of the activities you undertake.

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