Who Said Marketing Had To Be Digital?

Jaja Tequila’s billboard advert completely captured the value of brand over sales, and in doing so will lead to more sales than if they’d actually tried to use the space to sell to their audience.

Just think about how powerful this billboard actually is – not only are they not pushing their product on you, you don’t even see the product. There’s no image of the bottle, no price, no list of retailers where you can buy it, nothing. They used the space entirely to create a feeling towards their brand…and it’s the perfect way to get people to buy in to you.

What’s so great about this is that you’re buying in to the brand, not the product the brand makes. That means that if these guys diversify or need to pivot their business…maybe they start selling gin…you won’t need to be convinced, because you weren’t ever buying tequila, you were buying Jaja.

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