Visual Is Critical

We could see before we could talk, so make visuals core to your content.

46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.

Of course it is – it’s quicker to see than it is to read (and it’s more engaging). And there’s that little historical matter of us seeing way before we had any capacity for language, and so certain things biologically ‘stick’. But moving on from being cavemen to what we are now – capable but often lazy – reading takes time, and while there’s huge value in the written word as part of our content marketing strategies, we shouldn’t rely solely on it. Being super visual is super important and it’s core to communicating your brand in a way written content cannot.

To be honest, if only 46% of marketers claim visuals are critical to their work (as reported by the CMO Council) then I’m concerned more don’t yet ‘see it’.

There’s another thing that’s key to this – if you’re a content marketing engine then you know you can often execute on visual content far quicker than you can written content (and there’s less to get wrong so less to check before submission). Therefore it becomes a great vessel as a means to move your message faster.

Proof of concept – probably only a quarter of people who saw the accompanying image went on to read this post!

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