Video, Video, Video All The Way For Your Content

If you’re not making video a core component of your advertising based content then you need to be introducing it.

Even video that contains animated text makes a huge visual impact to the viewer and, crucially, makes it easier to consume. This is THE biggest point here – we’re lazy, super lazy, and if we want to be educated we’ll make the choice to read, but if someone’s trying to sell to us (or sell an idea to us quickly) it HAS to be video.

And forget the notion that “video is expensive” because the world has moved on from this. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all…and you can do it in-house with no technical skills or even dedicated video resource. Have you got a PC and a web browser? Good, you can do it.

You do need solid content messaging though, or someone that can do it for you…but that’s a wider separate piece on business/product positioning and buyer personas.

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