Most Of The Buyer Journey Is Over Before You Even Talk

57% of the buyers journey is completed before the buyer talks to sales. This is why content is so damn important. As buyers we’re just not that quick to pick up the phone anymore, and the main reason is today, unlike 20 years ago, we can find out way more way easier about a business or a product without needing to engage directly with a seller.

So as the seller you need to get in on that journey sooner. How do you do that? Content. And not content that says “buy what I’m selling” but content that adds value to the buyer, content that informs and delivers insight in a way your competitors just aren’t.

It’s easy to go wrong here, so the best way to sense check your content is simply to ask yourself “does this content HELP someone who’s looking for a product like ours?” If the answer is “yes” then you’re on the right path.

Once you know you’re on the right track the key then becomes consistency — and it’s the hardest thing to maintain, especially if you’re a small business trying to do a million things at once and don’t have dedicated resource to help you along the way. There are no easy answers here — you’ve just got to put in the work — but you can build some processes in to make it more achievable. These might be things like how you take something long form and then break it out in to a number of shorter form pieces, and how you take those pieces and adapt them for different platforms and different audiences. But that’s one for another time.

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